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Founder & Instructor

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Bickly Dang

Bickly is a certified mindfulness teacher and founder of Echad Aware. She believes in the power of the individual and the community, each working individually and collectively to bring about changes in oneself and in the world.  She believes in connecting to the body, mind and spirit as the whole journey of life.  If one is neglecting one aspect of oneself, one is never complete.  

Bickly spent the first part of her professional career in healthcare, providing primary eye care to patients.  In the last several years, she embraced an inner calling to delve into mindfulness obtaining MBSR certification through Brown University and a deepening spiritual practice to investigate on a deeper level, her own humanity and how she can be of service to others. 

Bickly believes that it's essential to meet each individual exactly where they are in their unique path, offering support as they embark on their personal exploration of self-discovery, growth, and transformation, nurturing this passage from within themselves.


Fun Fact: Bickly is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader.  Please reach out for additional information. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

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