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Cultivate Awareness and Connection

Image by Henry & Co.

It's in the now that we find clarity, joy, and a sense of belonging. Practicing presence allows us to savor life, bringing a heightened depth to our experiences.

About Echad Aware

Our simple programs—Individual, Community, and Corporate—focus on making your life more fulfilling and healthier. Reduce stress and boost well-being with us. Join Echad Aware for a mindful journey.

Vision and Mission

Connecting individuals to their inner resources - expanding and strengthening the powers of agency and resilience, and promoting innate healthfulness. 

Our Programs:

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Step into a discovery of who you are with our Individual Program.  Begin building a strong personal foundation, planting seeds for inner strength, and transformation.  Explore mindfulness tailored just for you.


Discover tailored mindfulness solutions for the workplace with our Corporate Program. Elevate your team's well-being and productivity.

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Join our Community Program for a shared mindfulness experience. Connect with others through an exploration of what it means to be human - cultivating inner resilience, personal agency, and building community.


Dive into detailed practices and techniques. Embark on this adventure to expand awareness, initiate or deepen mindfulness practice and discover something new.

Sunset Clouds

Jack A. | Founder & CEO of IT Industry

"Daily practice made a significant impact on my life, particularly after Week 4 when I committed to disciplined daily practice. This newfound discipline helped me manage stress and distractions at work, providing effective tools for resetting and enhancing productivity."
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